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Saundhi Handi

Saundhi Handi Menu

1 : Chicken Curry

(Chicken sauteed with aromatic

spices and dum cook in curry sauce.)

Rs.360/Rs.180 (Full / Half)
2 : Mutton Curry

(mouth watering  carthly dish with a hot and spicy

flavour and prepared with finest blend of spices.)

  Rs.540/Rs.270 (Full/Half)
3 : Mutton Kofta Curry

(Aromatic meat balls dum cooked in a

sea of yogurt wid complexed spices.)

Rs.320/Rs.160 (Full/Half)
4 : Rahra Mutton

(Heavenly mutton dish created with tomatoes,

masalas and condiments.)

Rs.560/Rs.280 (Full/Half)
5 : Rahra Dahi Chicken

(Flavorful hot and spicy chicken dish in a dry curry

spiced up with cardamom, yogurt and whole chillies.)

Rs.360/Rs.180 (Full / Half)
6 : Chicken Korma

(Chicken braised with yogurt cream and spices is an irresistible dish .)

Rs.395/Rs.205 (Full / Half)
7 : Mutton Korma

(It’s a Shahi dish made with mutton nutty paste and exotic spices.)

Rs.575/Rs.295 (Full / Half)
8 : Butter Chicken

(Dish of chicken in a mildly spiced curry sauce .)

Rs.450/Rs.230 (Full / Half)
9 : Mutton Rogan Josh

(Aromatic mutton dish which is robust with flavors of varied spices .)

Rs.480/Rs.245 (Full / Half)